Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Holiday Decor Galore at the Reuse Centre

This blog is going to take a distinctively holiday air in the next month. We will be posting holiday crafting ideas, highlighting the holiday items that you can get at the Reuse Centre, and sharing our tips on how to reduce waste at Christmas.

You may not know this, but the Reuse Centre is the holiday hub in Edmonton. We've got a huge stock of all things Christmasey.  You can find everything from decorations, to greeting cards, to the star for the top of your tree. Other items you can find include wrapping paper, gift bags, gift tags, decorations galore, bows, ribbon, artificial trees, and gifts.

We took a few pictures of some of the items that can be found at the Reuse Centre (*note that our stock changes constantly, and it's first come first served.). Scroll down and have a look at what we have to offer!

We have lots of new Christmas cards! 
Various decorations 
Stars for the top of your tree
Christmas tree decorations
We even have a few artificial trees up for grabs - but careful, they go fast!

Maybe you just want to curl up and read a book by the fireplace when the snow is swirling outside. Stock up on books, movies and music for the holidays at the Reuse Centre too.   

Lots of books for holiday reading!

Stay tuned for some great holiday posts coming up in the next few weeks. In the meantime, share your favourite way to Reuse during the holidays with us below, and we'll add it to our upcoming post on tips to reduce your waste during the holidays. 

- Hayley (Staff)

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