Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Blogger Team's New Year's Craft Resolutions

The Reuse Centre blog team got together recently, to touch base and brainstorm for the next year of Reuse-It Edmonton. As we traded ideas and proposed topics, discussion turned to our own personal New Years Craft resolutions. It seemed like each one of us had something we wanted to learn, or a neglected project that's been languishing in the back of a closet somewhere.

We made a pact - each one of us is going to try and tackle one of those things, and we thought it would be fun to share our crafting goals with you!


Meet my refashion pile. It's huge, it's embarrassing, and my boyfriend probably thinks it's gained sentience because I keep moving it while he's not looking, in the hopes that he'll forget it exists.

My 2014 craft resolution is to get through this pile and refashion everything so it can be reintroduced to my regular wardrobe. And, of course, to stop adding to it!


My craft goal for 2014 is to build a dog bed or house. I don't have a dog but my best friend has a puppy named Bella and stays with me quite often. She is a one year old long haired Chihuahua, so a very tiny dog. Here are some ideas that inspired me to do this. I want to reuse old items to create the structure, maybe a stool or old furniture. I am not really sure what the exact plans are yet but wish me luck!

Displaying ecae4db9b2183b9997a70efbfd834224.jpg

Displaying CI-Brian-Flynn_End-Table-Dog-Bed_s4x3_lg.jpg


2014 is the year that I will learn how to sew! I have been inspired by all of the incredible crafty people I blog with and also our customers at the Reuse Centre. I have signed up for a Learn to Sew class in the spring and I am really looking forward to learning these essential skills.  My ultimate goal is not to make clothes for my cats (as my sister suspects) but to be able to mend my own pant legs to the proper length, and after that use my new found skills to make a duvet for my bed and try other home decorating projects (so many great ideas on Pinterest)!          

My craft goal for 2014 is to furnish my new apartment with as many antique and repurposed items as possible. I found a craft book with ideas on how to make candle holders out of plumbing parts, and bulletin boards out of pegboard and rubber bands.


I loved the book Generation T by Megan Nicolay since I first looked through it (almost 10 years ago!). It fully convinced me of the versatility and wonders of cotton jersey knit. Since then I’ve saved up every promotional T-shirt that came my way, but I didn’t get much further than that. My 2014 craft resolution: Use those T-shirts (two garbage bags full) to make some of the projects in this book and its sequel.


This year I've resolved to upcycle thrift finds into more current pieces rather than supporting disposable fashion. For the same price, you can thrift unique, quality clothing that really only needs some creative tweeking to be perfect. Bloggers like A Pair & A Spare's Geneva Vanderzeil and Love Aesthetic's Ivania Carpio are great inspiration for fashion reworking!

Emma’s crafty new years resolution:

I have sooooo many projects in the works at any one time so I resolve to finish a WIP (work in progress) a week. Since I like to have too much on my hands. I also resolve to hone my knitting skills. There's nothing better than a crafty new years resolution, can't wait to see how far my knitting takes me in 2014!!

We would love to hear your reuse crafting New Years resolution! Share them below!

- Reuse-it Edmonton Blog team (Staff and Volunteers)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Family Day Fun at the Reuse Centre!

On Monday, we opened our doors at the Reuse Centre for a Family Day Open House. According to one of our visitors, "A good time was had by all."

Here is what went on. Attendees got the 411 on the Reuse Centre with volunteer-led guided tours, and they asked us a lot of great questions! They wanted to know everything about the history of the Reuse Centre, our sorting procedures, what we accept and how we process our donations.

Volunteer Michael enthusiastically telling Al about our operations
We gave out several door prizes. The gift baskets, stuffed full of items including candle sets, notebooks, children's craft sets and picture frames, were a hit! Lucas was one of our winners and took home this lovely basket of goodies!

We hosted a crafting workshop and made Olympic-themed crafts. The creativity level was high and these budding-artists showed us all the beautiful crafts they could make with reuseable items. We saw medals made out of CDs and juice lids, and torches crafted from paper towel rolls, pie plates, and tissue paper. We even saw a few laurels made from artificial flowers and pom-poms!

Isabella and Olivia proudly show off their creations 
With over 160 people attending, it was a great day! We meet lots of new customers, some great crafts were made and attendees went home with a little more knowledge about the Reuse Centre. We look forward to welcoming everyone back next year!

- Hayley (Staff)