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March Reuse-it item: 7 ideas for Fabric

At our last Blogger planning meeting, we decided that each month in 2014 we would to put together a monthly post offering suggestions on how to reuse a particular item on the Reuse Centre's accepted items list. March's item is (raw) fabric and below are a myriad of suggestions on how to reuse fabric cheaply and creatively. Share your own ideas for reusing fabric on our Facebook  page or below in the comments!


Here is a simple t shirt head band idea. I have been meaning to try this DIY for months now. Hopefully I will have it done for the summer. Not all store bought headbands fit me that well. Some are too tight. Some just fall off very easily. I think using t shirt or jersey material can eliminate some of the problems I have been having. Check this tutorial out from The Pink Door Mat. Using strips of old fabric you can achieve this headband look. Post pictures on the Reuse Center's Facebook page if you gave this a try! I would love to see them.

T-shirt head band (Source: The Pink Door Mat)

The quickest living / dining room makeover I know: With a large swath of fabric make an instant tablecloth or sofa cover that adds colour and pattern that you can easily change! One day I might actually customize these drapecloths with embroidery or stamps such as those found at, but in the meantime, I'm plenty happy how they can create a big impact and hide clutter instantly.

Stamping fabric using fruit! (Source: A Beautiful Mess)

You don't always need big plans or complicated designs to make the most of your Reuse Centre fabric finds, small pieces of fabric in the same colour scheme were used to make this dolls quilt for a child. A simple but traditional Dresden quilt design shows off some interesting patterns in similar colours.

Dresden quilt (Source: Flickr: Ruby Murrays Musings)
You may even be lucky and find a half finished gem like this complete quilt block. A completely original find, add some co-ordinating fabric backing, a pillow insert and voila a gorgeous quilted cushion without any quilting know how! I've been lucky enough to find two totally different quilt blocks just ripe for cushion making, these are the holy grail of Reuse Centre finds for me.

Quilt block (Source: Flickr: Ruby Murrays Musings)

I previously put some scrap silk to use by making an eye-pillow. It's a 4x10" pouch filled with ½c flax seeds and ½c dried lavender - and mega relaxing. Flax seeds' oil makes for better heat retention, for a thermotherapy bonus from brief microwaving, but rice may be substituted. With different dried herbs, flowers, or teas, even a couple drops of essential oil, the aromatherapy aspect can be tailored as well.

Eye Pillow (Source: Wikipedia)

This Zip Pouch project requires very little fabric, so it's a great way to use up scraps or small pieces. You could even make one of these with an upholstery fabric sample from the Reuse Centre! It's super simple, and could easily be done by hand if you don't have access to a sewing machine. A little pouch like this is great for organizing change, loyalty cards, or other small things in your purse or backpack.

Zip pouch (Source: Sew Delicious)

This is the craft I've been looking for! I've been holding onto scraps of fabric for years - too small to do much with, but too big to be trashed. These coasters, made from fabric scraps twined around a length of rope, are such a clever and colourful way to finally make use of this clutter.

Coasters (Source: Line Across)

I love a good keychain and by good, I mean one that lasts longer than six months (I'm a bit hard on them). I found this awesome tutorial on how to may your own key chains from those small bits of fabric that are hard to use. They are durable, stylish and make thoughtful gifts! 

Key chains (Source: Craftiness is not an option)

- Reuse Centre Blogger team

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