Friday, 27 March 2015

New Years Resolution update 2014 to 2015

Soooo we're in March now, the month by which most New Years resolutions have been forgotten about, or all momentum....... has...... finally.............. fizzled......... out.

Are you 10lbs lighter? and how's that marathon training coming along?  In 2014 I set my sites a little less lofty than peak physical fitness, I wanted to master the art of knitting, for it was an exotic and mysterious craft that had so far escaped me.

Of course I had learnt once upon a time, at the hands of my very patient grandmother, sadly the inevitable happened, my square ended up a holey triangle, and a sulky 7yr old vowed never to pick up sticks again.

Cue motherhood and a need for some crafty relaxation, maybe 2014 was the year it finally clicked?

Well something stuck, a very basic (possibly a child's knitting book ssshhhhh) was able to turn this reformed knitting offender into a Zen knitter. Of course I still lose my cool when I drop a stitch, I'm definitely no Saint, but I'm loving Knitting and it's now my go to craft.

2014 was a long year of knitting, moss stitch, ribbing, a blur of clicking needles until I reached (my) holy grail of knitting techniques, cables.

I felt so confident with my knitting that anyone even remotely interested in a handmade gift received some sort of Cabled accessory for Christmas 2014.

2015 has me trying larger projects and a beautiful mitred square blanket is on my sticks at the moment, I even have some goals to sell some of my knit accessories and possibly tackle an undiscovered 'holey' realm of Knitting, after all my 7yr old self is never repressed for too long ;)

Keep it crafty Edmonton

Emma (Volunteer)

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