Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Favourite Reuse project - Emma

Upholstery,  after pic, Transformers

As an avid reuse crafter, my home is filled with all sorts of fun recycled accessories, Blanket made from felted sweaters? Check. Mardi Gras bead chandelier? Ottoman from old jeans? Done and done. Every room has something handmade.

I do love to make something out of nothing, but when it comes to furniture I need a little helping hand, so I am always on the look out for furniture with great bones but needing a little injection of personality.

Cue my son's old nursery chair, he's now 6 and needing a more grown up addition to his room. With scratchy fabric, unpadded arms, it really needed a change.

Before pic, Needs an update
I've done 6 or so smaller projects and this chair was definitely the most involved project to date. It took hours of dismantling, a small bout of nerves and lots of new lessons learnt. I hadn't even decided on the style or colour of the chair until I came upon some amazing Transformers fabric. After that it came together even better than I'd pictured.
Transformers Chair, Upholstery,  After

Denim, vinyl, padded arms and extra seat padding brought the chair back to life and injected some personality back into the well loved but dated chair. It now looks like it fits into my quirky handmade home.

The chair was a big hit with my kindergartner when it was finally unveiled.
Happy chappy with his new chair <3
I really enjoyed this learning experience and in the process I have a one of a kind piece of furniture for the cost of the fabric alone.

I would recommend trying out upholstery to anyone looking to transform their old furniture. Not all chairs will require sewing skills and a simple staple gun from the hardware store is a great inexpensive starter tool.

A few tips to get your started:
  •  Firstly make sure first that the item isn't a valuable Antique
  • Flip it over and check for damage to the springs or arms.
  • Take lots of pictures along the way as you dismantle 
  • KEEP EVERYTHING - Fabric pieces can be used as pattern pieces for the new fabric and even old tacks can be reused at a push should you run short
  • Always exercise caution when using heavy duty staple guns.
Good luck with all your Spring and Summer projects!

- Emma (Volunteer)

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