Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Reuse-It Item: Jars

Here at the Reuse Centre, we accept mason jars and baby food jars. They're great for canning, making preserves, storing food or small items, and home organization. This month, our blogger team has shared some other fun and useful ways to reuse old glass jars!

Image Source: Instructables

Here is a tutorial I found a few months ago that teaches you how to turn your mason jar into a sippy cup.

For a special touch, you can also use chalkboard paint to make a label area. Nobody will get their cups mixed up at your next party!

Check it out at Instructables.

How cute are these? They'd be great for a child's room.
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Old jars, new lids! Just top the old lids with figurines or plastic animals.  All you need are some solid paint and strong glue to create this refreshed look.  The jar maintains its function, but the new lid adds a pop of colour and personality.

These is great for party favours, kids' storage, and general modern d├ęcor.  Looking for some cute topper combinations? Try rabbits for Easter chocolate jars, a nutcracker for nuts, cats or dogs for pet treats, a bride and groom for wedding favours, and lego men for organizing building blocks.

See the instructions at Paris Bourke.

This is a great way to organize pins and buttons.
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I love to make mini pin cushion and pin jars from baby food jars. They make a great little stocking stuffer for sewists and other crafty people, and they are so cute. There are many different methods to make these, but has a quick, easy to follow tutorial.

These jars look like they're straight out of a magazine!
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One of my favourite foods is jam. Homemade jam is even better. Glass jars are perfect to store jam, and reuse over and over again, because who would ever get sick of jam? Glass jars are also great for storing a variety of items, or food that doesn't spoil (e.g. sugar and spices).

I've also used jars for decoration. When I first moved into my place, I didn't have any vases for flowers so I just used jars instead. I liked the look so much that I decorated with various assortments of jars and fake flowers. This blogger spray painted her glass jars and the outcome is awesome!

A beautiful splash of green for the long winter ahead!
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Autumn, while beautiful, makes me a bit sad because it reminds me of the winter that's coming.

Here's a way to save a little of the lush greenery of summer indoors, by making a glass jar terrarium!

Makezine  and Design Sponge give the basics on just what to do. I can't wait to customize my own!

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