Thursday, 2 November 2017

Makeup Palette Upcycle

What can you do with all your expired makeup palettes? Let's admit that the amount of makeup product that is expired or that you may not use, can be a bit excessive. A friend recently gave me a great idea which I have adapted to make more versatile. Her suggestion was to use nail polish to upcycle your old palettes, so that kids can play dress-up with "makeup" which won't make a mess. It's an easy task:

1. Use a pointy or sharp object to dig out and remove the expired makeup. Alternatively, you could also wait until your palette is empty.
2. Clean out the trays with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
3. Pour a small amount of nail polish in different colours into each section.
4. Let it thoroughly dry.
5. Add a clean foam brush.
6. Give it to your child!

Photo: Ellen Hanna
Play makeup palette. Photo: Ellen Hanna
Added bonus: a super neat design on the front. Photo: Ellen Hanna
Another option is to use acrylic paint. Since my son had no interest in pretending to paint colours on his face (he's much more effective with his actual markers), he used the different colours as buttons. He calls the palette his "com" for communicator that talks to people like a walkie-talkie: issuing and receiving commands and addressing emergencies. Yet, my daughter uses it as a smartphone. She particularly loves the mirror and pretends to talk to "dada" (she is one and a half).
A secret compartment reveals an emergency button linked directly to the fire department or something.
Photo: Ellen Hanna
We added a smiley face directly on the mirror to remind my son to SMILE!
Photo: Ellen Hanna
I painted buttons since this compact didn't have individual wells.
Photo: Ellen Hanna
This is a great upcycling idea if you cannot recycle your compacts and palettes directly with the manufacturer. The uses are only bound by the creativity of your kids, so the sky's the limit!

And a fun little coincidence is that whatever pattern you paint onto the mirror will cast a fun reflection when playing with light.
Photo: Ellen Hanna