Friday, 8 February 2013

Make good fortune (cookies) for Chinese new year

2013 Chinese New Years Day is February 10th and it beckons in the year of the Snake.

Nothing says Chinese New Year to me more than fortune cookies, so exciting to open but who actually eats the cookie itself?  How about making your own? look complicated? would you believe each of these tutorials start off with just a basic circle?
This tutorial uses paper and printed fortunes but I love the idea of writing your own and making them person specific for a special touch especially if you're having people over to eat. Or popping them into your children's lunch box.
Think beyond purchased scrapbooking paper, try old road maps, comics, wall paper samples, we always have plenty of paper here so pop in and see what's in stock.
Handy with a sewing machine? pick up a bag of fabric and get cracking on these beautiful machine stitched Fortune cookies. Wouldn't they look cute stuffed and put on a key chain? or as favours for a wedding or baby shower?
Wishing you good fortune throughout the year in all your crafty, creative and of course recycling endeavours.

- Emma (Volunteer) 

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