About the Reuse Centre

What is the Reuse Centre? We are a facility that accepts certain items and makes them available to individuals and organizations for reuse. Our Centre is located at 6835 83 Street (just off Argyll Road) and we are open Tuesday to Saturday. For our exact hours of operation, prices, workshop details, volunteer opportunities and contact information, please check out our website at www.edmonton.ca/reusecentre.

What exactly do we take and sell? Check out our Reuse Centre Accepted Items List!

About the Volunteer Bloggers

I'm Charlene and I originally hail from beautiful British Columbia. Following my high school graduation, I decided to take some time and teach English in China. After this incredible experience, I moved to Edmonton to pursue a diploma in Graphic Design. After successfully receiving my diploma, I spent some time building props as a Production Artist at a local shop. Soon after, I found a great opportunity working for a software company, and it was there that I met my future partner, Neil. We searched high and low for - and eventually purchased - our dream home, adopted a couple of furry, four-legged "children", and began all kinds of fun and interesting (never-ending) projects. Being kind to our environment is a passion of mine, so I enjoy finding ways to eliminate waste and repurpose unwanted items.

Jess B 
No Biography

Jessica T
I am second-generation Canadian-born Chinese (CBC) and currently in my third year at MacEwan University in the Bachelor of Communications program. I love getting away from the daily hustle-and-bustle and having down-time to explore my own thoughts and express it through writing. Aside from that, I also enjoy expressing myself through cooking and sewing. A few things I love in life are: animals, books, sleep, and a proper cup of tea.

My name is Mariz, I work full time in accounting and I am also a mom to two beautiful boys. Like most moms, I love DIY projects and crafting with my kids. I am not an expert on waste reduction or sustainable lifestyle choices. I am, however, very much into reusing items to save money, and I think being able to save is one of the factors that will inspire more people to reuse, and thereby reduce waste. I volunteered with the Reuse-It Edmonton blog so I can share some of my ideas with others, while at the same time, meeting new people who are passionate about helping the environment in order to learn more from them. 

Hello, my name is Radhika and I am here to make helpful posts about reusing. I am a student, currently pursuing my undergrad in physical sciences. I enjoy tutoring my Grade 4 student and helping people I know save energy in their households. Since I have been doing a lot of volunteer work around the subject of sustainability, my mindset has changed. Previously I thought that alone, I can’t do much to make an impact, but now I enjoy doing small things that have a positive impact around me. So, I hope to learn and expand my knowledge on reuse within my home and throughout our community during this blogging journey.

I am a new Canadian citizen and live with my husband in Edmonton. We both like to travel, have visited about 20 countries and explored extensively within North America. I was exposed to the concept of waste reduction when I moved to Canada in 2013 and gradually started making it a part of my life. I am excited to be part of the Reuse Centre’s blogging team. This gives me an opportunity to learn more and spread the knowledge I am gaining among those, like me, who are newer to the concept of waste reduction.

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  1. This is an awesome concept. I wish other communities could have a similar centre. I live in Sherwood Park and would love to have access to a Reuse Centre like this.