Thursday, 20 February 2014

Family Day Fun at the Reuse Centre!

On Monday, we opened our doors at the Reuse Centre for a Family Day Open House. According to one of our visitors, "A good time was had by all."

Here is what went on. Attendees got the 411 on the Reuse Centre with volunteer-led guided tours, and they asked us a lot of great questions! They wanted to know everything about the history of the Reuse Centre, our sorting procedures, what we accept and how we process our donations.

Volunteer Michael enthusiastically telling Al about our operations
We gave out several door prizes. The gift baskets, stuffed full of items including candle sets, notebooks, children's craft sets and picture frames, were a hit! Lucas was one of our winners and took home this lovely basket of goodies!

We hosted a crafting workshop and made Olympic-themed crafts. The creativity level was high and these budding-artists showed us all the beautiful crafts they could make with reuseable items. We saw medals made out of CDs and juice lids, and torches crafted from paper towel rolls, pie plates, and tissue paper. We even saw a few laurels made from artificial flowers and pom-poms!

Isabella and Olivia proudly show off their creations 
With over 160 people attending, it was a great day! We meet lots of new customers, some great crafts were made and attendees went home with a little more knowledge about the Reuse Centre. We look forward to welcoming everyone back next year!

- Hayley (Staff)

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