Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November Reuse-it item: Wire Hangers

Got lots of metal hangers? Well the following blog post will take you through several reusing ideas including a yard project, some easy Christmas accents, a gorilla and creative household art. Share your ideas below, we would love to hear them!

Source: Crafty Gardener
One of my fondest memories of my childhood is receiving custom-made, hand-wrapped wire hangers from my dad’s cousins—they were mentally handicapped and created the nifty projects at their day home. I still have them and I still love them. The woven covering over the wire prevents clothes from sliding off and is gentle on more delicate fabrics. The Crafty Gardener’s how-to creates a very similar finished product (top right).

Source: Miriam Zink
But there are so many other ways to repurpose wire hangers into other things, like this great candy wreath idea from (left) Visit the website for step-by-step pictorial instructions.
I’m also pretty impressed by this dining room pendant light fixture made out of wire hangers (bottom right), from Miriam Zink Product Design. It’s certainly creative!

Source: Upcycle Design Lab Blog


Winter's only just started,and I'm already dreaming about summer and being back in the garden.  Upcycled Design Lab keeps me busy and hopeful with their Upcycled Wire Hanger Garden Edging project.  A cage version should work wonders for my tomatoes and peonies.


Source: House Logic
The holidays are fast approaching! I have found that my favourite kind of Christmas decorations are the ones that are homemade. Here is a great project to try with wire hangers; twist wire hangers together to make a Christmas tree shape, and thread a strand of lights through. Not only does it create a nice home for all those extra wire hangers that you don't use anymore, but it looks awesome and is super festive!


Source: Beth's Lemonade
I have several cheap, misshapen wire hangers at home - you know, the kind that bend way too easily from the weight of heavy coats? I think that the very thing that makes them terrible hangers will make them great for re-purposing into wall art! Check out Beth's Lemonade for instructions.

Source: Make:


Amazing Scottish Artist David Mach uses metal hangers for enormous sculptures that are worked around plastic moulds which are then removed, I can't seem to copy a picture from his site, I understand why they would protect the images but they are huge and breathtaking, ranging from this Gorilla to a depiction of Christ's crucifixion.

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