Tuesday, 30 December 2014

December Reuse-It Item: Cardboard Tubes

Here at the Reuse Centre, we take paper towel and wrapping paper tubes. We all remember loving these tubes as kids - who hasn't made a makeshift telescope, or a sword to do battle siblings and friends? But we wanted to share some other ideas this month, for kids and adults alike!

Make a tasty treat for your local critters

I love these paper towel roll bird feeders from Pocketful of Dreams. They're quick, easy, and a great way to help out our feathered friends stay fed in the coming winter.

You could also attach a piece of string or wire to hang these upright, and poke popsicle sticks or twigs through the cardboard to make perches for the birds.


I’m so inspired by all of the holiday crafts you can make with cardboard tubes—even something as simple as decorating tubes and using them as gift containers. Check out the tutorial from Factory Direct Craft.

But the project that really caught my eye was this DIY scarf holder from Instructables. This one requires slightly heavier-duty cardboard tubes (along with some leftover wrapping paper and ribbon), but what a fun way to customize your fashion accessory storage!


How adorable is this?
With the arrival of a blanket of snow I'm on fast forward to Christmas. Being from England I miss our iconic post boxes and decided to whip up this miniature British post box for my family to play with.

I used two toilet rolls, felt, glue, and even the miniature letters and parcels were made from reused scraps of Christmas card envelopes and brown paper.


If you're like me, and love any sort of decorations involving plants and flowers, check out this cool DIY from paper towel or toilet paper rolls! All you need in addition are some paint colours of your choice, glue, and some basic craft supplies. Not only does it look cheery but you can also choose a colour scheme to match your existing decorations. Enjoy!

Visit Imperfectly Perfect for the full directions.

What are your favourite ways to reuse cardboard rolls? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

-Reuse Centre Volunteer Blogger Team

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