Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Battery Newman’s “Turn Me In” to an Eco Station debut

What can be learned about proper waste disposal from a singing battery? Well, when that singing battery is as awesome as Battery Newman, the star of the fun music video ‘Turn Me In’, you can learn a great a deal. Battery Newman sings in the style of another famous Newman – Randy Newman. His catchy song points out the importance of taking batteries and other household hazardous waste and electronics to an Eco Station for proper disposal or recycling.

The video is part of the City’s ‘Turn Them In’ Eco Stations campaign.  As spring has finally arrived (yay!) and Edmontonians are beginning their spring-cleaning and renovations,  this is the perfect time of year to get rid of all those waste items that are taking up room in your house or garage.  Household hazardous waste and electronics can be turned into an Eco Station for FREE! (Who doesn’t like that price?). These kinds of items include batteries, leftover paint, light bulbs, old computers, syringes and broken power tools.  Speaking of renovations, Eco Stations also accept renovation waste and bulky items too big to set out for collection (fees apply). Pop over to edmonton.ca/ecostations for a full list of items that are accepted at Eco Stations.

If you’re like me and the Battery Newman music video has inspired you to create and share your own waste reduction video (I mean how could you not be inspired by Battery Newman??)… Well you’re in luck! The 90waysto90.com site allows you to do just that! Upload your video on any waste reduction tip (reuse ideas perhaps?) to help Edmonton achieve the goal of keeping 90 per cent of household waste out of landfills. You can then get your friends and family to like and share your video. Have fun and remember… turn in your household hazardous waste!

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