Thursday, 16 April 2015

Host Your Own Craft Night!

(My latest creation shared with our crafty gang)

In 2014, I had a plan to bring some amazing ladies together to craft once a week.

My initial idea was simply to give a bunch of friends a place to go away from home to share something we all enjoyed,  It was a roaring success! Over a year later, we are 10 members strong, have our own inside jokes and are planning our second crafty weekend away.

Our merry band of ladies is a mixed bunch of crafters of different occupations, tastes and skills. Meeting with them is always fun and inspiring. I would encourage anyone looking to be more creative to get some friends together and start your own craft night.

Amazing double knit hat by our resident knitting superstar Edith Arel (totally reversible with the reverse of this pattern on the inside)

Where to start?

Start small, friends will invite others and you could soon have a crowd on your hands.

Use technology to organize. Using social networking is a great way to invite people, let others know about time and location changes and who is coming along.

Benefits of starting your own Craft Night

Fight off those winter blues -  When snow is thick on the ground, having a weekly outing to look forward to is sure to keep your spirits up. Even for those who tend to hibernate when the temperatures drop.

Increased productivity - Regular meets help keep you on track, with each person eager to show off their latest completed project. No one wants to be left behind on a never ending project.

Sharing skills and Ideas - New crafts, new techniques or just a different way of approaching a project. Sharing with a group is a valuable resource for fresh ideas.

Recycling your supplies - Passing on unwanted or unused supplies to friends is both thrifty and friendly. Save money and help out your friends by having a swap bin at meets.

With so many reasons to meet up with friends, there's never been a better excuse to get out in your community and spread some crafty love.

Stay crafty Edmonton.

Emma (Volunteer)

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