Friday, 24 July 2015

Reuse on Campus

Reuse on Campus
The sustainability group, which is part of the Student’s Union at the University of Alberta sure has its work cut out for it when it comes to reuse. The campus is huge, hosting about 40,000 students each year, in addition to faculty members and support staff. Sustain SU is doing a great job of promoting environmentalism at the University, by launching several projects that are successfully encouraging reuse and sustainability among students.
The Student’s Union Building (SUB) is one of the main eating, shopping and study areas on campus. The building is home to a food court, various student services, Room at the Top restaurant and bar, and the U of A Bookstore.
Source: University of Alberta Student's Union
In response to the high volumes of waste produced by the students and staff passing through, Sustain SU created the Reusable Dish Program. It allows students and staff to use the provided dishes for free and also receive a $0.25 “dishcount” on their meals at participating vendors on campus. The dishes are picked up from L’Express in the food court and returned to the waste station in SUB. The program also rents out the reusable dishes to groups on campus that may be hosting an event. Talk about promoting reuse!
In addition to this program, the Student’s Union also operates SUBtitles, a consignment store that deals in used textbooks. This store is a great outlet for students who would like to get a portion of their money back by selling their used books, while others can find books they need at a reduced price. It is a great way to ensure that these books will continue to be used instead of collecting dust or being thrown out.
The dormitories are also active in promoting reuse. Residents at Lister Hall created a Facebook page that allows members to buy, lend, or sell unwanted or extra items that other residents might use. Lots of different items may be posted, from textbooks and dorm furniture to clothes and electronics. What a great way to keep the community thinking of reuse while living on campus!
We can’t wait to hear about other great reuse-friendly projects from the University of Alberta in the future! Does your school or workplace promote reuse in creative ways? Tell us in the comments!

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