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August Reuse-it Item: Playing Cards

Ever went to play a card game, only to realize you're missing part of your deck? Here at the Reuse Centre, we take full and partial decks of playing cards, and even those singles you find under the couch.

What can you do with part of a deck of cards? Check out these great ideas.

Photo Credit: The Gloss

Here is a way to keep necklaces from tangling up in a box. Reuse playing cards by cutting 2 slits into the top of the cards, and slipping necklace chains into the slits. This would be a great way to display jewelry if you're a seller at a market. It is an easy way to show off your work without having to hang everything individually.

Check out this idea, and more great jewelry organization tips, at

Photo Credit: Nick Sayers

Sometimes reusing is less about cutting, sewing or changing the look of the item, and more about just finding a new place to use it.

This light fixture, part of Nick Sayers' "Spheres" exhibition, is easily identified as a recycled playing cards project. So simple, but really effective. I'd love to see if the light bounces off the cards to create shadows, or if the fixture gives off a glow.

Check out more of Nick Sayers' work with upcycled materials on his Flickr page!

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Be an ace and declare someone the king of your heart! Re-purpose old playing cards into valentines like Thrifty Jinxyby gluing the card to a colourful paper and adding a "punny" phrase.  Or go a bit more polished with Martha Stewart's project, which embellishes using printed glassine or parchment paper envelopes.  

At first I thought this project would be limited to the "hearts" cards, but both give ideas on how to use the full deck with phrases like "We are two of a kind".  Simply 2 sweet!

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Growing up, we always seemed to have a pack or two of cards in the junk drawer. We didn't actually play a lot of card games, but I do remember one summer where my brothers and I made approximately one billion card houses. (Okay, that's an exaggeration, but it was a lot!)

You don't need a full deck to build a card house. Your cards don't even need to match! And the best part is you can knock them down and rebuild them as many times as you like.

Do you have any other great ideas for reusing old playing cards? Share with us in the comments!

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