Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Seven Uses for Christmas Tins

Find a variety of Christmas Tins at the Reuse Centre!
Any regular at the Reuse Centre knows that we usually have an abundance of tins in all shapes and sizes. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, it's the perfect place to find a variety of holiday tins, so we've come up with a list of fun ways to get more use out of them.

1) Use as a decorative container to give away holiday baking - this one is a classic that is always appreciated! Alternatively, package small, "themed" items together in a tin instead of using a gift basket and cellophane.

2) Use holiday tins instead of gift bags; they look just as festive, but are quicker and less wasteful, as there's no need to stuff the top with tissue paper. Tins are also sturdier than bags, meaning you can use them again and again. A stick on bow or ribbon accent makes the package even more dressy.
Tins look lovely under the tree.

3) Instead of putting a pre-wrapped gift into a cardboard box, just wrap in parcel paper for a gift whose appearance won't be marred by the shipping process. Tins are sturdier than boxes, and often not much heavier.

4) Wrap a regular tin in Christmas paper to package those awkwardly shaped or easy-to-guess gifts, like stuffed toys or clothing.

Squares and rectangles are easiest to wrap, and disguise the shape of the original package so that gifts stay surprises until the end.

 6) Use a nail and a hammer or a sturdy metal punch to poke a pattern of holes in a deep tin. Set a candle in the bottom and enjoy the way the light shines through. Try this tutorial with a Christmas tin, instead of a leftover can. Alternatively, try making candles directly inside of small tins for a decorative, easy to make gift.

7) Don't forget the post-holiday cleanup! Tins make great storage vessels for delicate ornaments and leftover cards. Try using a small tin with a secure lid to store your stray gift tags and a roll of tape for next year!

What are your favourite ways to reuse or re-purpose old Christmas tins? Share your ideas with us in the comments section!

- Sarah (Volunteer)

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