Friday, 11 January 2013

Furoshiki - The Reusable Wrap

If you're looking to cut down on waste and add a stylish 'twist' to your gifts for 2013 and beyond, then you need to get wise to Furoshiki.

This Japanese method of wrapping, folding and twisting your gifts in double sided fabric is the ultimate in reusable wrap, but it goes beyond gift wrap, a few knots and twists will mean your recipient can even wear their gift wrap as clothing, an accessory or even a baby sling,  take that one use paper wrap!


Just two 16'' squares of fabric sewn together, flipped right side out and topstitched will give a generous sized reusable wrap to be passed on, and on and on for the life of the fabric. Don't sew? think lightweight fabrics e.g vintage Headscarves, Last years Sarong. Bigger gifts? Thrifted tablecloths, the more decorative the better.

 Write the link to these these instructions on the gift card, or email/text so your friend can pass on the Furoshiki wrap to others. It's part of your gift to them, and regifting is encouraged.

How to use Furoshiki

Just for Christmas? think again, Easter gifts, Valentines, Birthday, if you're giving a gift then these techniques are a must for reducing waste and adding that extra special treatment to your present.

Fabric is always plentiful here at the Reuse Centre, so make a resolution you will actually keep, practice Furoshiki and help divert paper wrap from Edmontons waste.

- Emma (Volunteer)

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