Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Vintage Magazines - Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover

One of my favourite spots at the Reuse Centre is the crafty books and magazines. I always leave happy and with arms heaving under the weight of a big stack of magazines brimming with crafty inspiration.

You see for me I'm obsessed with the 1970's. Crazy swirly paisley fabric,  pompoms, crochet on everything, macrame hanging from the rafters? I love it all, so when I see left and unloved magazines like these, I know they are going to be a fun read. I'm almost reluctant to call them vintage even, as a (very well preserved) child of the 70's I can't help questioning what does that make me?!

This latest scoop was a Better Homes & Gardens Needlepoint magazine from 1981. Sure the outside looks a little cheesy, and you are definitely going to have a sneaky giggle at the poor men modelling knitted vests, but look closer inside and you may find patterns like this one.

Tree of Life Design

A beautiful cross stitch sampler that I just had to start as soon as I got home. Only 5 different skeins of colours in fresh and vibrant shades produced this design that I can't wait to hang up in my home.

Gorgeous spring flowers

In all its glory

So the covers of these magazines are bound to be dated, but give them a chance, look beyond the psychedelia and try your hand at some of the fun projects inside.

Thinking of crafting for Christmas yet? Get started early, scoop up the Christmas craft books whilst everyone is still buying mosquito lotion and then rustle up some gift worthy crafts like this amazing log cabin dollhouse.

Image taken from magazine below

Have you made something from a vintage pattern, magazine or book you found at the Reuse Centre?
Drop us a line, we would LOVE to hear from you, potential to be featured on this very blog, please get in touch.

-Emma (Volunteer)

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  1. nice -
    i love the sampler - there is nothing 1970 about it - very fresh and modern!