Thursday, 14 May 2015

Kennedale Eco Station opens with a brand new Reuse Area

You know all about the Reuse Centre, but did you know that the City of Edmonton has two Reuse Areas as well?

In an effort to encourage reuse and reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill, Ambleside Eco Station (14710 Ellerslie Rd SW) and the brand new Kennedale Eco Station (5355 127 Ave) are each home to a Reuse Area.

What does that mean?

Eco Stations are a one-stop-drop for most of the items that you can’t put out for curbside pickup, including electronics, hazardous household waste like batteries and chemicals, and large pieces of furniture. Not quite sure what to bring there? Find their list here.

When Edmontonians bring their large items or electronics for responsible disposal of at an Eco Station, staff keep a keen eye out for items in good, working condition. With the resident’s permission, staff can now set those things aside in the Reuse Area. Regular disposal fees still apply, though many things, such as household electronics are free to drop off. Items in the Reuse Area are free for others to take.

What can you find in the Reuse Area?

Ambleside Reuse Area
Anything that a resident drops off at an Eco Station, that is still in good condition!

All items are selected at the discretion of the Eco Station attendants. Like the Reuse Centre, stock is entirely dependent on what has been dropped off recently, and all items are first-come, first-served. Depending on the day, you might find furniture, television sets and other household appliances, movies, or even a pair of skis. A lucky treasure hunter I know once found a fully equipped weight bench!

Reuse Centre, Reuse Area, what's the difference?

Both are efforts by the City of Edmonton to encourage reuse and keep usable goods out of the landfill.
    Kennedale Reuse Area
  • The Reuse Centre focuses on a specific list of small, everyday items that, for the most part, are not accepted by other second-hand organizations. There is currently one location (6835 83 St). Items on the list are free to drop off, and customers can purchase items for a low cost ($5 per up to 50kg)
  • There are two Reuse Areas, one located in the Ambleside Eco Station and the other in the brand new Kennedale Eco Station. Reuse Areas focus on larger items that residents have brought to the Eco Station for recycling or disposal. Items are free to take, but standard Eco Station fees apply for drop off. 
Did you know that all Eco Stations accept items for the Reuse Centre from the accepted items list? Next time you're visiting an Eco Station, you can also bring your Reuse Centre donations for free! Just mention to the attendant that you have Reuse Centre donations. Items are delivered to the Reuse Centre on a weekly basis.
So, next time you’re dropping off your broken electronics, household hazardous waste, or unwanted furniture at an Eco Station, check out one of the two Reuse Areas. You never know what you might find!

- Sarah (Volunteer)

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