Tuesday 12 May 2015

Swap-it FUN!

 As warm weather slowly comes to Edmonton, are you looking at your closet and drawers, excited to see it full of summer clothes? I definitely can’t wait to hang up my colourful summer dresses!  Change of season is a great time to get rid of some clothes that may no longer suit your style. You know what I mean, those garments gathering dust in your closet that you glimpse from time to time and think, ‘I’ll wear that one day’ – except you don’t. Perhaps one of your friends or colleagues would fall in love with it and wear it all the time! In discussion with some of my girlfriends that are facing the same inner clothing struggle, we decided to do a clothing swap!

Clothing swaps are awesome, inexpensive, and easy to organize. All you really need to do is:

1. Find a location – one of your friends that is willing to host, and designate some rooms for changing (preferably with full length mirrors).

2. Send out invitations to all your friends who may be interested!

3. Donate any items that are unclaimed at the end to a local charity.

Easy as 1-2-3! Some optional items to consider:
  • Setting a minimum and maximum number of items each person should bring. This is your judgement call based on the guest list size.
  • Don’t limit it to just clothes – throw in jewelry, purses, shoes, belts – who doesn’t love accessories? Style it up! ;)
  • Ask each guest to bring a food item to make it a fun potluck event! 
  • If you are worried that people might argue over an article of clothing, flip a coin to avoid any hurt feelings.
Here are a couple photos of some items I obtained from a clothing swap I attended a short while ago – they are total gems! And honestly, not that it’s a reason to choose a particular item or not (as long as you feel good in it!), but I receive by far the most compliments on clothing that are hand me downs – people love unique items like these.

Happy spring swapping!

- Tamara (Volunteer)

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