Friday, 29 May 2015

May Reuse-it Item: Pop Can Tabs

How would you reuse pop can tabs? Our bloggers found some great ideas on the internet that range from household decorations, to closet organization and clothing. If you have a use that is not featured, share it below! We'd love to hear your ideas.


Source: Mauricio Affonso
We’ve all heard the rumour about collecting pop can tabs for charity (which, sadly, says isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be), so it’s good to know there are some other uses for these shiny objects. My personal favourite is this disco ball pendant light, by designer Mauricio Affonso.

This is a project that would take some time, but what a conversation piece!

For something much simpler, how about this simple trick for doubling your closet hanging space?

Source: Listotic

Trying to save space in your closet? Make double hangers with pop tabs! This ultra-simple trick will double the amount you can fit in your closet (maybe that's not a good thing, for clothes hoarders like me!) and can also be used for organization, if you like to keep outfits together.


I ran across lots of great ideas for reusing pop can tabs which I thought were genius.

One particularly simple yet useful idea is to use them to hang photos! You just insert the pop can tab underneath the screw, and hang it on a nail!

Check it out on Apartment Therapy
at  Enjoy the organizing and decorating!


Source: The Art of Can Tabistry

When I first started scouring the web for pop can tab reuse ideas, I had no idea what I would find. Personally I had never thought too far beyond fashioning them into a necklace or other sort of jewelry. So when I found "Art of Can Tabistry" corset piece I just had to share! Learn how to make one of the corsets by visiting the blog, The Art of Can Tabistry. You will be amazed at the ingenuity!

- Reuse Centre Blogger Team

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