Thursday, 9 February 2017

Upcycled Bouquets for your Valentine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner -- do you have plans to surprise your sweetheart? You don't have to break the bank to show them that you care. This year, gift a bouquet of handcrafted flowers that will last forever!

Here are six fun, unique ways to create your own eco-friendly, reuse-crafted flowers for friends, family, and that special someone in your life.

Image source: Joallie Petit
Necktie Roses

Put a funky spin on the classic rose bouquet by making some patterned necktie roses with this tutorial from Joallie Petit. Wild patterns work best, so hit up your favourite thrift store and see what you can find.

Image source: Todolwen
Egg Carton Roses

These egg carton roses from Todolwen are easy to make, and have a rustic beauty when made with plain cardboard egg cartons. For a more colourful bouquet, dip-dye or paint your finished flowers in any shade you like.

Image source: Crissy's Crafts
Pop Can Flowers

These are stunning! I would never have thought you could make something so lovely out of a simple pop can. Check out Crissy's Crafts for the tutorial, and for several ideas on how to use your creations.

Image source: Kid Friendly Things to Do
Water Bottle Bouquet

This is a great craft for kids who want to make something special for a friend or family member. They're quick and easy enough to make one for every kid in class!

Find out how at Kid Friendly Things to Do.

Image source: 100 Layer Cake
Storybook Paper Roses

These are perfect for the literature-lover in your life. Grab an old book (preferably one that's in poor condition and can't be read anymore) and craft these elegant paper roses. Make your gift extra special by choosing a book that has meaning for your loved one.

Get the tutorial at 100 Layer Cake.

Image source: ReLoved Designs
Pistachio Shell Flowers

I really love the look of these pistachio shell flowers. They're so bright and modern looking! A cluster of these in a nice, simple frame would make a great piece of wall art for your loved one.

See the tutorial at ReLoved Designs.

-Sarah (Volunteer)

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