Thursday, 10 March 2016

Post-Holiday Tissue Paper Crafting

Now that the holiday season is behind us, here is one way to minimize the household waste from everyone's favourite part of the holidays — the gift giving!

Tissue paper is a lovely addition to any present, but has few uses after everything has been unwrapped. One reuse idea is to use it for a lovely family arts and crafts session! All you need are scissors and glue, some warm water, a cup, your leftover tissue paper, a sheet of wax paper, and a paintbrush or sponge to make amazing artwork.


1. Cut your wax paper a little larger than you'd like your tissue paper art to be.
2. Dissolve the glue in warm water (I find that a ratio of 1:2 works well) in your cup.
3. Cut up your tissue paper into small pieces, to be glued onto the wax paper (squares or rectangles are a good shape to start with).
4. Sponge some glue mixture onto the wax paper in the area that you'd like to start placing your tissue paper.
5. Place tissue paper pieces onto the glue spots in the arrangement you'd like. Feel free to layer!
6. Pat down the tissue paper with your sponge, and make sure that you soak them through with the mixture.
7. Leave your art to dry.

8. Trim the wax paper edges down to the size that you want.

9. VOILA! Take a step back and look at your beautiful art piece! You can frame it, or place it somewhere that it will have light shining through, for a stained-glass look.

For an extra "Wow" factor, you can cut out some aluminum foil for a focal point, or add some glitter while the glue is still drying.

Happy crafting!

-Mallory (Volunteer)

All photos provided by Mallory